About Us

A Few Words About Us

We started our company back in 2006, and with more than 10 years of happy customers we are looking forward to the next decade as a dynamic one, full of new technologies and their opportunities. We are dedicated to high level solutions with high quality code and implementations and any of our products go through an extensive set of tests thus ensuring that all threats are assessed. During this 10 years we implemented many custom solutions dealing with business communication (B2B, EDIFACT, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Optimization a.s.o) but not limited to these standards. Our development team consists of profesionals with extended experience in technologies like J2EE, C#, C/C++, Python, Perl and our latest addition is Node JS (2015). When we start new projects our first step is to perform an requirements assessment allowing us with a deeper understanding of what needs to be done and ensure that we choose the fastest route to delivery - Starting 2016, we embarrassed the Agile Development Strategy.

In 2018 we started a new chapter in our Company by authorizing us for research activities allowing us to future develop our capabilities with the new technologies. Our first research projects include applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence using embedded devices and microcontrollers. Our technological background allowed us to employ newer technologies like containerization and distributed computing for high-performance computing scenarios with applications in distributed computing and radiation transport making it easy to compose and deploy complex applications with high computing demands. This new applications camed with newer challenges like resource management and complex computing environments where our previous knowledges regarding multiple programming languages allowed us to better integrate our solutions.

Network operations is one of the most important aspects of our strategy and our team provides support for small to medium and large networks (covering from 10 to 200 computers) with several design types (star, link) keeping your team focused on business productivity with lesser concerns regarding the overall infrastructure. We are experienced in managing servers with Unix OS, Linux OS, Mac OS, and Windows OS for both ADC managed and not managed scenarios.

Training and Education are an important part of our technologies leading to a better absorption for newly available products and solutions. Our team includes specialized trainers covering aspects of software development, audit, and infrastructure audit. New training oportunities are available to us with an emphasis on Big Data and Scientific Data representation where customors need to quickly identify key points and trends using available technologies.

Cloud is becoming a new requirement for modern infrastructures. Our professional team in involved in cloud development and solutions implementation since 2008 when we build our first SaaS cluster mainly for scientific research in the field of nuclear physics.

The following years provided us with new challenges regarding the IoT technologies that are becoming available to the consumers. Recent IoT developments allowed us to reduce the energy footpring for small customer applications like smart devices and dashboards allowing us to integrate and analyze more and more sensor data.

Our Professional Skills

Small, agile team working for your needs

Out profesional team has extensive knowledge about network environment management, starting from cable systems (UTP/FTP/FO a.s.o) to cloud services and solutions and even cluster solution for dedicated, high performance computing. Desktop management togheter with on-site/off-site one-to-one support allows us to keep close to our customers.

When needed, our dev-ops team can implement custom/tailored solutions based upon a deep analisys of your requirements and working environment allowing for less aggresive learning curve to your employees. Our dev part is experienced with Java (JEE, JSE, JSF, EJB), C#, Python, Android and Windows platforms and our portofolio includes tailored webapps implemented in technologies like EAP (JBoss, Glassfish, Oracle), Django and NodeJs (MADD or other platforms) employing modern design specifications.

Our timeshare for each specific activity is presented in the side graph.